Project Development

Full understanding of the special features of local or international hospitality markets is an essential condition for successful development projects.

Our multidisciplinary and experienced team will bring you all the support and guidance necessary to correctly define your project in conjunction with your architect, should it concern existing building conversions or new built properties.

We offer our assistance throughout the entire development process in order to enhance the return on your investment, from the feasibility study to designing the right conceptual program, selecting the operator with the most added value, negotiating contracts formulating a proposal to a public or private tender, and valuing the project once completed to determine the proper disposal strategy.


Feasibility study

FUNDOTEL conducts a thorough analysis to determine the feasibility of the project, advises on the positioning and the adequate program to implement in order to maximize value. Once the development cost budgeted and the financial performances forecasted, FUNDOTEL can assess the Market Value of the asset upon completion.

Operator selection

Operator selection has a major impact on the performance and value of your asset. Our team relies on its extended network and market intelligence in order to put in place the best suited operator for your Property.

Negotiating contracts

FUNDOTEL assists in negotiating agreements whether leases, management contracts of hybrid structures that protect the interests of the owner, while encouraging an efficient owner/operator relationship, through an alignment of their interests.